Interparfums  support farmers to help them transition to sustainable agriculture.

October 5, 2023

Interparfums joined up with TerraTerre, a young French company whose aim is to connect farmers committed to the green transition with companies who want to contribute to the overall goal of carbon neutrality.

To make agriculture more sustainable, its operators must change their practices, which requires funding. The resources provided to agriculture encourage farmers to use virtuous practices such as planting intermediary cover crops, which improve the agronomic qualities of the soil, thus reducing the amount of fertilizer needed. Fertilizer emits greenhouse gases, so using less generates “carbon credits”, which will be reassigned to IP at the end of the period. The credits are verified by an organization and the project is certified by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Supporting sustainable agriculture means contributing to carbon neutrality in our territory, it also has other positive effects, called co-benefits, such as improving water quality, reducing the use of fertilizer and increasing biodiversity.

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