Bilan Carbone

2022 Carbon footprint

2021 figures

Interparfums’ total carbon footprint is calculated in accordance with international standards, and namely the Green House Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) for the conversion of all emission sources into tons of CO2  equivalent and the Base  Carbone®, a public database of emission factors made available  by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME).

2021 Carbon footprint :    174,930  tCO2e
2021 Carbon intensity  :  312 KgCO2e per € thousand of revenue (in the low range of our industry)

In tons CO2 equivalent 2021%
Scope 1 (gas and fuel energy consumption)2260.1%
Scope 2 (electricity consumption)290.0%
Scope 3 (other indirect emissions)174,67599.9%
Total174,930100,0 %

Main scope 3 CO2 emission sources

Bilan Carbone 2021
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