Responsible Employer Charter

As a Responsible Employer, Interparfums sincerely cares about and is committed to the success of all its employees, starting with the recruitment process and continuing through the duration of the employment contract, by striving to:

  • Provide all employees with the best possible opportunities for success
  • Promote workplace quality of life for all employees

Interparfums is committed to putting its values into practice every day:

  • Respect and humanity
  • Creativity
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Loyalty

A) Providing the best possible opportunities for success

1/ Non-discriminatory recruitment practices

Interparfums applies a non-discriminatory recruitment policy with its partners in this field (schools, recruitment agencies, temporary employment agencies, etc.), designed to guarantee equal opportunity employment to all job seekers.

2/ Special attention during the integration process for new employees

For Interparfums, a successful integration into the team is a key success factor. For that reason, particular attention is devoted to integrating new profiles, notably by sharing Interparfums’ values, mission and future prospects with all new arrivals.

By way of example, a customized integration program is organized several times a year, according to the number of new employees. This program, which extends over several weeks with the participation of all Company departments, helps acquire a better understanding about the business activities and the different people who make up the Company.

3/ Respecting and promoting diversity

Interparfums respects and promotes diversity and equal opportunities throughout an employee’s career with zero tolerance for discrimination. All employees benefit from the same opportunities where access to promotions and career development is based solely on skills.

For example, for the last three years employee-awareness campaigns have been conducted specifically addressing issues relating to disabilities at work, as part of the European Disability Employment Week (EDEW)

4/ Promoting a team culture

While teams are evaluated at specified intervals (professional interviews and annual appraisal interviews), Interparfums also promotes daily exchanges and information sharing at all levels of the company which further improves team performances by ensuring greater managerial efficiencies and transparency.

5/ Combating against all forms of harassment

No form of harassment (sexual, moral, etc.) is tolerated and the systems are in place to combat any inappropriate behavior.

For example, in 2018 a system for reporting incidents was adopted and awareness-raising initiatives are organized on a regular basis.

6/ Training and career development support

Through its ambitious training plan, Interparfums strives to develop the human capital of all its employees and to stimulate their curiosity, particularly in the area of corporate social responsibility. This intellectual fertilization helps keep employees engaged and reinforces their employability.

For example, training requests are identified each year in the course of the annual and individual performance reviews. Training programs are then integrated into a specific module of our HR information system to monitor individual career paths. In addition, customized courses, adapted to each employee, are routinely offered (language, management, software, qualifications, social and environmental responsibility, etc.).

B) Promoting workplace quality of life

1/ By providing optimal working conditions

Interparfums offers a high quality work environment where every employee can express his or her potential in promoting the portfolio’s brands and licenses. Working conditions are optimal and the office premises of the Company’s new headquarters, located at 10 rue de Solférino in Paris 7th were specifically designed to foster creativity and cross-cutting collaborative efforts.

2/ By facilitating social dialogue and a culture of caring

While all bodies, whether required by law (Social and Economic Committee or Comité Social et Economique) or formed at the Company’s initiative, exercise an active role throughout the year, social dialogue also takes place on a day-to-day basis, reflecting the importance attached to listening and workplace well-being.

3/ By promoting a proactive approach to occupational health and safety

A workplace health and safety prevention program is also in place internally, which includes the issue of psycho-social risks. A toll-free number is available to all employees, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. An occupational health and safety committee has been formed, with a designated employee and numerous OHS and health correspondents among the staff.

4/ By preserving a work/life balance

The right to disconnect is guaranteed by a specific charter (Right to Disconnect Charter) and Interparfums strives to promote a work/life balance, particularly in the case of remote working conditions (Remote Working Charter).

Schedules and workloads are adapted accordingly to protect the personal life of employees work-life balance that the company values.

5/ By recognizing performance

Compensation and benefits are set in order to reinforce Interparfums’ attractiveness as an employer, going beyond the specific responsibilities given to the employee, whose interest remains the cornerstone of motivation. Depending on their length of service, all employees are entitled to benefit from Interparfums’ success, notably through a generous profit-sharing scheme and under certain conditions, eligibility for performance shares.

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